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Merchant Cash Advance

The CCANDC ONLINE Cash Advance program allows you to receive an advance on future sales to use as you see fit now. We will custom build an advance for you and explain all of the terms so that you understand completely the difference between a Merchant Cash Advance and a typical loan from your bank. You can use the funds from your advance to expand, increase inventory or even go on vacation and it is paid back automatically from your future credit card receipts. You can receive as much as 125% of your average monthly credit card sales in as little as 3-5 business days!

We will need some basic information to provide you with the exact advance terms that would be available to you - please complete the Cash Advance Application and fax back to 843-225-7830 along with the following information:

1. Copy of your drivers license

2. Your last three credit card processing statements

Once we have received this information it will take just a couple of days for our underwriters to review and forward an outline of terms for your advance. Should you decide to move forward and accept the advance we will determine if you need to change credit card processing companies and provide you with a list of final requirements that may include the last three months bank statements from your checking account, a copy of a void check and a copy of your business lease. Should you need to change credit card processing companies we can complete that set up at the same time we are processing your advance.

Remember, a Merchant Cash Advance is different that obtaining a loan from your bank and may be much more beneficial to you than a traditional loan. To take advantage of the Merchant Cash Advance you may be required to change credit card processing companies but we can GUARANTEE to match or beat your existing rates.

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